Audacity Tutorial How to Edit Adjust Volume Level

Amplify Effects in Audacity

This Audacity Tutorial gives a step by step guide on how to use the Amplify Effects in Audacity to change the volume of a sound sample.

Audacity gives us a few ways to adjust the volume levels of a recording. For this Audacity tutorial I will be focusing on the Amplify effects, but before we start, here is another easy way to adjust the volume: Each track has a slider on the far right which controls the ‘gain.’ For purposes of this Audacity tutorial I will say that gain is another name for volume. (more on that in another Audacity tutorial) You can adjust the volume of an entire track by adjusting this slider.

Ok, now let’s look at how to use the Amplify effects for adjusting volume in Audacity. First open a piece of sound in Audacity that needs a volume change. Select the portion of the sound that you would like to alter by clicking and sliding you mouse of the appropriate waveform. Go up to the EFFECTS menu and select Amplify.

Now we are in the Amplify effects window. At this point Audacity has done some work for you. You will notice in the Amplification (dB) window there is a value. Audacity has analyzed your recording and made an estimate on how much the volume could be increased without causing any distortion (clipping). Usually this is pretty good. Click ok and have a listen. If it is not what you want then go to the EDIT menu and select UNDO. Go back the the Amplify effects window and try moving the slider or placing in a value that works for you. You can always click OK to preview your volume change then UNDO if it is not what you want.

Be careful to not raise the volume level too high to cause clipping distortion. A quick way to see if you are getting clipping is to watch the level meters during playback. If the levels are hitting the maximum of the meters then there is clipping and you need to lower the volume.

That is it for adjusting the volume level in Audacity tutorial. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

Happy editing,

Watch this Amplify Effects Audacity Tutorial on Andrew Mercer’s YouTube Channel

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