How to Save an Audacity MP3

Saving an Audacity MP3

In Audacity MP3 may not be the best format for saving when you are in the middle of working on a piece of audio. You need to saving as a project. A project will keep all your slider settings, track information and so on. BUT when you are all done and your ready to share your work you did with Audacity MP3 is a very good option.

Video Guide to AudacityBefore we begin to create an Audacity MP3, you need to know that an MP3 file is a ‘compressed’ file. This means that a great deal of the sound in the original project you have been saving will be removed in order to keep the file size small. This will reduce the sound quality quite a bit. There are other options in file types that will not degrade your sound quality. I like using WAV files for this reason. They will be bigger, but the quality will be great. If you are ok with that then move on to making your Audacity MP3 …

When you are ready to create your MP3 with Audacity the process is very simple. Go to the FILE menu and select EXPORT. At this point you will be asked to enter some meta data, the name of the artists, song, etc. You can put in whatever you like or just leave it out for now. Click OK.

Next you will give your file a name and choose the file type. When you choose MP3 you will be asked to locate the LAME encoder. This step is NOT difficult. You should follow the instructions in the video tutorial below for guidance.

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Watch this Audacity tutorial on Andrew Mercer’s YouTube channel

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Video Guide to Audacity