Andrew’s YouTube Channel for Violin Lessons

I recently started a new YouTube channel focused on providing violin lessons. I have been creating video violin tutorials to help new players with their violin playing. This is a lot of fun and hope it is helpful for you.

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Audacity Mix and Render – Audacity Tutorial

Audacity Mix and Render In this Audacity Tutorial you will learn to use the Audacity Mix and Render function. As you record and edit audio with Audacity combine tracks will be an audio editing skill you will need at some

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Great Audio with Free Recording Software Audacity – Audasiti

Great Audio with Free Recording Software and Basic Gear The correct spelling of Audasiti is AUDACITY. I am purposely misspelling the name for this posting You may be old enough to remember when making a professional audio recording meant spending

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Audacity Lesson Plan – Improvise the Alphabet

Audacity Lesson Plans – Improvising using the Alphabet In his Audacity lesson plan has students improvising rhythmically using the letters of the alphabet. I have found that many of my students can be intimidated when asked to improvise. increasing student

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Video Guide to Audacity

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